Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Landed Again in Astana - walked around on a sunny day

I am here again in Astana, Kazakhstan. I have landed here on Saturday, 23 May, 2015. I have got a 3 month's visa and will be here until August third week. My Residential Permit (RP) is still being processed. I am still waiting for long term stay permit in Kazakhstan.

When I reached here on May 23, 2015, the climate was sunny and good. The temperature was around 16 degree celsius. It was unlike New Delhi, India. When I departed from New Delhi, the temperature was around 43 degree celsius there. It was a huge relief. 

At Astana Airport, my taxi was already booked and surprisingly, I got a taxi driver who could speak English. He talked of funny things on the way.

On May 23, I took rest and the day was over. The next day, i.e. 24 May was a cold day. I went for a short walk on river side. 

Yesterday, 26 May was also a great day. It was around 24 degree celsius. We went out on the sun and walked around city. We went to Astana Park. There were many people walking, running, cycling there. I have taken few photos from there. You can see them below:

(The above Photo was taken somewhere at Pushkin Street, Astana)

 Pushkin Street, Astana

 Pushkin Street, Astana
 The Restaurant is Alibaba Restaurant in Astana. It had a nice Asian/Central Asia setting for sitting and food. It was a good restaurant. We ate Barbeque/ Shashlik, Nan, Grilled Vegetables and Chai (Tea). For two persons, the bill was of 8,100 KZT and 200 KZT was given as tips. The Restaurant is located at 3 Bukeikhan st., Astana 010000, Kazakhstan.

After finishing our food, we headed to the Park. It was a bright sunny day and many people after office had come here for walk. Many children were out enjoying running, playing different games, bicycling etc.

 (Nice bicycling, running, skating, skiing tracks. People were loving the experiences.)

(From the bridge over ESIL RIVER, the landscape of Astana towards Radisson Hotel. Next to it, you can see World Class Fitness Center operated by Radisson)

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