Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Runner in Astana in Kazakhstan

Last week of May, 2015 and this first week of June, 2015 have been great for Astana, Capital of Kazakhstan. The Sunlight has stayed till late. It is just a little hot and the rain and the cold has stayed away. That means the summer has been truly a summer with all its characters and features.

The weather has also given new wings in people's lives. Now, there is only to be seen if a man can also fly.Otherwise, people have come out of their homes for walking, strolling, running, bicycling, skating, road skiing and for all sorts of sports and activities.

The below two pictures capture the mood of Astana, capital of Republic of Kazakhstan. A man is running on the bank of RIVER ESIL on the pedestrian zone on the river side of Hotel Radisson. It is little dark and the lights are already switched on in the nearby sky touching buildings but the runner is in no mood to give up! A great sight to behold.

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