Saturday, June 13, 2015

Blinchiki, Kismis, Bread, Butter and Tea in Astana

They have always said, (I do not know who they are) that a man should eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a decently rich man and the dinner like a pauper/beggar/poor. I understand this has been said by keeping a health and dietary issues in mind. Heavy dinner before sleep is not good as per them.

To a certain extent, the above proverb has been followed by me in Astana, Kazakhstan. I have always started my day with heavy breakfast and with many cups of tea. Today, I will show you in my blog what I am eating in Kazakhstan, Astana. As there are different food items which have been consumed, this series will be a long one. Stay tuned to this blog to know food items of Astana, Kazakhstan.

Here you can see BLINCHIKI (блинчики). I understand that Blinchiki are also called Blini and are Russian Pancakes. I like Blinchiki very much and we regularly eat them at Astana, Kazakhstan. I do not know how to make Blinchiki. If you want to learn, you can visit the recipe in the given link below.

On the table, you can also see the butter (/Masla/ in Russian, масло), bread (/Khlep/ in Russian, хлеб) in Kazakh Language NAN, Sugar (/Sakhar/ in Russian, сахар) in Kazakh Language KANT, Chocolates (/ Konfeti/ in Russian, шоколадные конфеты), dry apricots (/Sukhiy Abrikosi/ in Russian, сухие абрикосы) and Raisins (/Isyum/ in Russian, изюм) in Kazakh Language KISMIS. In many languages, like in my native hindi language too, the Raisins are called KISMIS.

In subsequent photos those which I clicked in Astana, Kazakhstan; you can see Honey (/Med/ in Russian, мед) and Curd (/Tyorag/ in Russian, творог). I see that my table also has Cake (/Tort/ in Russian, торт) and Home Made Jam- made from Apricot- in Astana, Kazakhstan. Home Made Jam in Astana, Kazakhstan is called /Bhareniya/ in Russian. Jam = варенье

In Astana, Kazakhstan, I like the culture of drinking tea with all family members and guests together. It will not be just tea or /CHAI/. The table will be full of dry fruits, Chocolates, Raisins etc. and multi-cup of teas make the environment warm in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Please Share what are you eating in your breakfast in Astana, Kazakhstan or in any other parts of Kazakhstan or Central Asia/Eurasia/CIS Countries or in Russia.

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