Wednesday, June 24, 2015

e-Commerce Business in Kazakhstan: How is your Experience?

Dear All, I love buying stuffs online. They provide hassle free buying experience from home. They give discounts also and the products arrive at your doorstep. In India, I was regularly using, and to buy range of products.

I thought to try online buying experience in Kazakhstan and till now, I have not had much success. I am sharing my experience (actually, it is a feedback given to website: satu dot kz after I could not buy 4 pieces of beer glasses from a Seller "Био Компания ТОО"). I would like to hear from you and you can also recommend e-commerce sites of Kazakhstan.

I was trying to buy from the following link:

The goods I had ordered was 4 pieces of beer glasses made in France. (Стакан для пива 570 мл. d=90, h=160 мм Ультимэйт Пинт /24/, доставка из Алматы)

My Comments:

"Since I do not know Russian well, I am giving my feedback in English. Please use "google translate" or take help from someone to translate it for you if you do not understand English.

After I placed the order, I got an email which said that the company would deliver the products only if the order quantity is more than 100 glasses. So, they did not deliver 4 pieces of glasses which I had ordered.

In an email, they gave an alternative (big beer mug of 1 or 1.5 Litres) if I am interested to buy other items which they will deliver irrespective of the quantity and costs. I was not interested in alternative products and refused to buy. I requested them to close the order. The executives from the Company were prompt in sending emails, and giving calls. My Agent (who knew Russian) talked with the company executives and explained the matter. I will rate their Customer Service Branch as good.

Now, I would like to state some inherent problems with Kazakh e-commerce business. I want it to grow to be like Amazon. I am sad to see it still in a nascent stage.

Some problems I observed:

1. When I bought the product, I received an email saying that the company people will contact me soon. I was expecting to see My Order Tab and wanted to track from there. I wanted to know from there how and when the goods are transported.

2. In this sites, most of the products are intended for B2B transactions and require a huge order amount for the order to be valid. I want a good B2C ecommerce business in Kazakhstan.

3. It seems most of the companies in Kazakhstan are doing business only from Almaty having no business presence like supply chain team and warehousing in Astana. There are no local collecting points/stores after making online order. I faced a problem while thinking to order a bicycle earlier.

I suggest and other online portals to "pull their shocks up" and be a thriving multi billion USD e-commerce economy in Kazakhstan. I can be your consultant. :)"

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