Thursday, June 4, 2015

Learning Russian in Astana, Kazakhstan

I am a beginner in Russian. I am doing elementary Russian Course. I completed my beginner RU-1 Level in India and now, in Astana doing RU-2 Level. In India, I studied in Russian Cultural Center with a Russian Tutor in a group but in Astana, Kazakhstan, I am doing self study at home.

I use various websites to connect with native Russian speakers in Astana, Kazakhstan and am doing my homework, practice and I am sending it to them for correction. I have started meeting one or two people in Astana Park/Astana Central Park in Kazakhstan and have started interacting with them. I help them in English and they help me in my Russian.

I am attaching few images of how I am learning Russian and what I am practicing currently.

If you think that you can help me in learning Russian in Astana, Kazakhstan or if you need help in English in Astana, Kazakhstan, do let me know. We can be help to each other in Astana, Kazakhstan.


  1. Hi. Im looking for a tutor too, is it possible if you can recommend me someone who teaches Russian online? a person from Kazakhstan preferably

  2. Hi Pixels, Do you live in Astana? If you are in Astana, you can call me up or send a message in my number +77772399015 or email me your number to so that I can provide you some telephone and contact details of good Russian Teachers.