Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Photos of a roadside in Astana, Capital of Kazakhstan

I think the advantage of being tourist in any country is that you can click anything and everything under the Sun. You can simply take out your phone or Camera and start taking pictures of roadsides, Houses, Churches, Parks, Museums, Advertisement Boards, flying birds or anything for that matter. This is exactly what I am doing in Astana, in the capital of Republic of Kazakhstan, in the heart of Eurasia/Central Asia.

Since most of the road signs are in Russian, I do not easily get them or can not remember them for a long time. I will not be able to tell you where exactly I clicked these pictures but most of them are from a place near of YANUSHKEVICH STREET in Astana. I remember the name of this street, though I may not have spelled it correctly, because we have our flat there. We were walking near to this place while going to polyclinic (поликлиника in Russian, pronounced as /Poliklinika/) in Astana, Kazakhstan and I randomly clicked these pictures.

1. By looking at the almost empty pedestrian zones, can you guess where the area is from in Astana, Kazakhstan? I know it is not an easy job!!

2. The billboard/advertisement board highlights the tourism of Georgia. Is anyone looking for going to Georgia on Summer as a tourist? Have you seen this board somewhere in the city in Astana, Capital of Kazakhstan? I do not understand much of Russian/Kazakh but I can read "Summer in Georgia" written in the advertisement board.

3. A man and a pigeon: The man in the picture offered some corns/fodder to pigeon before making his way towards his destination. The pigeon in Astana was impressed with man's kindness.

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