Saturday, August 27, 2016

How to get 7 in IELTS Examinations - Some tips from Astana

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For those who are preparing for IELTS exam in Astana, Kazakhstan.
I often get questions from students in Astana if I have proven and tested tricks and tips to get IELTS score anything more than 7. Quite Often, they are happy to know that I have multiple tricks and tips but the most important one is "the hard work". Not many appreciate my answer but I repeat many times that there is no shortcut to success.
My only advice to everyone (who has a dream to have a wonderful english language skill) is they should constantly read, read and read and practice, practice and practice. 3-4 hours classes alone will not take you that far when your foundation of english is not that great.
1. Please read the modern english literature (books and magazines) and not the books from 19th Century with "Shakespearean" English.
2. While preparing for IELTS, please focus on your general english as well. Many students struggle even to produce simple sentences with proper "Subject verb agreement" and the correct use of passive sentences is a rare phenomenon. Therefore, while reading texts, read slowly and understand how the writers have formed the sentences.
3. Don't be obsessed with "difficult" words from early stage of your learning. Let the progression be natural. If you are trying to use not so ordinary words, understand their collocation. Don't just throw off words randomly.
4. Avoid talking nonsense. I often hear the sentences: "Yesterday, I went somewhere to do something." "Before coming to class, I had to do something, or I had some deal to do."
5. Please give up the habits of using Ving/Continuous tense.
6. The final tip for the day, Listen (No need to watch) to natural native accent on youtube. If you have difficulty to catch properly pronounced words, start from elementary podcasts/dialogues/lectures.

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