Sunday, August 28, 2016

IELTS Academic Test - Questions from the past - conducted by British Council in Astana, Kazakhstan

These are the questions sent by my student-Nargis. She appeared for Academic IELTS Test conducted in Astana, Kazakhstan. Her IELTS Academic Test in Astana, Kazakhstan was conducted sometimes ago- most probably a month ago but due to lack of time, I could not update my post earlier. Here are the questions for Speaking from The IELTS Academic Test.

Part I

1. Do you work or study? Where do you work? What work do you do?
2. Why do you like your work?
3. Do you like advertisements on TV?
4. Is there any type of advertisement that you especially like? or that attracts you, or influence you to buy something?
5. Do you like Sunny weather? and why?
6. Where can we see advertisements?
7. Do we really need advertisements?
8. Why do people put/publish advertisements on Internet?

Part II

(To be prepared in a minute and to be spoken for 1-2 minutes)

1. Tell us a situation when you felt angry.
- When you felt it.
-What kind of situation that made you feel angry.
- Overall, how you felt and why you felt so.

The image of the Questions can be seen here:

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