Sunday, August 28, 2016

IELTS Academic Test - Questions from the past - conducted by InterPress, Astana

My another student Assem appeared for Academic IELTS yesterday (on 27.08.2016). She had registered for IELTS via InterPress, Astana, Kazakhstan and it was conducted in Miras International School in Astana. Her Speaking Test was conducted few days ago. When I asked her if the examiner in Speaking test was a native english speaker. Her answer was very interesting. She said, "No, there was a Russian woman with blond hair." Well, that is not important.

We generally talked about her test and she could remember only the few questions from reading paragraphs.

The questions were:

1. The first passage about "Movement of Honey bees, and their effect on pollination"
2.  Corporates and their marketing strategies and consumer behaviour
3. She could not remember the third question/reading passage. :)

Let me know your exam experiences and the questions if you remember.

-Your Astana English Teacher: Raj

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