Friday, May 6, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions about IELTS ACADEMIC WRITING TASK - 1 (IELTS in ASTANA, KAZAKHSTAN) IELTS Академическое письмо ЗАДАЧА - 1 (IELTS в Астане, Казахстан)

Question No. 1.: Which Tense should we use while writing task 1 in IELTS?

Answer: This will depend on the wording of the question and the time frame given. You need to read the question carefully for the time period of the graph and also look at the axes of the graph. If it relates to the past period, you need to use past tenses. If it is about general trend and no time is mentioned, then, you should use present tenses. You should also note that you may need to use the future tense if the data is about future time/prediction. 

Question No. 2. How to use the word "to plummet"?

Answer: "to plummet" is a verb and it means too much fall, reduction of value. So, you can say, for example, "it has plummeted to a low of 5% in 2000."

Please ask any questions if you have. I will be happy to answer.

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