Monday, February 13, 2017

IELTS Essays-B2 CEFR Level- Essays for band 6.5

Should computers and tablets completely replace books in schools and universities?

Write an essay giving your opinion.

Computers, tablets and other modern advanced devices can be used in addition to textbooks in schools and universities as I do not believe that these modern tools can completely replace the traditional means of teaching.

First of all, tablets and computers may be ubiquitous but still are very expensive. Not all the students can afford it especially if they are from poor families. On the other hand, printed copy of text books, and references materials are much cheaper in comparison to computers and accessories.

Another drawback of having gadgets is that students may not be able to focus on a single task. There might be a temptation to play games online, or to watch videos instead of doing homework or revising lessons. Frequent shifting of tasks does not help in learning.

To conclude, the purpose of learning is not met unless the students have a good internet connection to make effective use of these gadgets. Unfortunately, high speed internet is beyond reach of many families in remote villages and in developing countries. Hence, instructions in a classroom should be based on printed books and articles.

How do you feel about birthdays? Do you think they are important? How would you choose to celebrate your birthday if you could do anything you wanted?

Write your autobiographical essay.

Birthdays are important milestone in our life as it reminds us an important day and event. Since a baby is born after a painful labor and a lot of care and love of a mother goes into it, I feel it is naturally significant day not only in a person's life whose birthday we celebrate but also in lives of close relatives. The birth of someone in a family is a moment of joy and happiness and it makes it even more significant to celebrate it.

I am no different than many others who would consider birthday as an important event. Since I have been brought in that environment where birthdays are regarded as sacred day, I think I am conditioned to think in this way.

For a minute, I would like to detach myself from the society and would like to give a serious thought on the necessity of celebration of birthday. On one hand, it is a customary practice to mark this day with dinner with close family and relatives. On the other, we sometimes need to question its purpose.

As I am not a natural extrovert, I feel that I would spend this day quietly and away from hustle and bustle of city life if were able to decide myself. Additionally, I would go on a long trip somewhere near to seashore and would love to feel the serene life in order to recharge my batteries. Such moments also provide ample opportunities to re-energize ourselves. I hate spending money on liquor and parties.


Курсы английского в Астане. Подготовка к TOEFL, подготовка к IELTS в Астане
Повысим Ваш уровень английского языка. С нашей подготовкой нет границ в познании галактики. записаться на пробный урок.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) – это самая востребованная международная система тестирования на знание английского языка. Ежегодно IELTS сдают более 2 миллионов человек.

IELTS открывает перед вами новые возможности. Если вы успешно сдали экзамен, это поможет в учебе или работе за границей или в переезде в другую страну на постоянное место жительства. Более 9 000 организаций в 140 странах мира, включая правительственные учреждения, учебные заведения и агентства по трудоустройству, признают результаты IELTS.

Фактически, IELTS – единственный тест по английскому языку, который требуется сдать для иммиграции в страны, где требуется подтверждение знания английского языка.

Вам необходимо подтвердить уровень знания английского языка для подачи заявления в Иммиграционную и визовую службу Великобритании (UKVI)? IELTS входит в список тестов на знание английского языка (Secure English Language Tests; SELT), утвержденных UKVI.

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