Wednesday, February 15, 2017

IELTS Essays-C1 CEFR Level- Essay for IELTS Band 8

A well-known magazine for English language learners has asked for reviews from readers about useful resources for learning English.

You have recently discovered Write and Improve, a new writing tool for learners of English. Write a review for the magazine describing the main features of the tool and why it is/isn’t helpful. Include details about what you like about the tool and about any difficulties you had with it, and finish by giving your recommendation for other readers.

Write your review.


I have encountered a website called "Write & Improve - a language improvement tool" developed by Cambridge University Press. I was directed to the website when I was looking for some information on resources for learning English few days ago. I found it to be quite useful even though I that that there are areas for improvement on this website. I would like to review the main features and attributes of this website in my article. Additionally, I would also provide some feedback and recommendations for future improvement.

To begin with, it is easy to navigate within the site. I could locate the resources easily. Since the website is designed by reputed University center, the materials provided were of exceptionally high quality. Without much hassle, I was able to submit my article. As per the instructions, I was told that “submit button” needs to be clicked after writing the article and I meticulously followed the instructions. On submission of my article, I was promptly taken to the next page where I could see the result and feedback on my essay. Overall, I had the pleasant experience. The website did the checking of language, grammar and spelling swiftly.

Despite being easy to make use of the resources in the website, it also suffers from some avoidable drawbacks. First of all, the feedback were system generated, without intervention of human beings, which sometimes, make them unreliable and unbelievable. Unless the student has high speed internet, it slows down the generation of reviews. The designers need to look at it at the earliest. 

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