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Question No. 1: Despite advances in medicine there are concerns that certain diseases such as diabetes are increasing and some people believe future generations will face greater problems with health and die younger than we do today. What is your opinion?

When it comes to the issue of health of future generations, I have a different opinion. My opinion is different because I think that the future generation is going to live a long and healthy life. This , I think, is going to be possible due to the fact that the scientific community has achieved huge success in the field of medicine and that will go a long way to augment the life of common men and women in a long run.

The fact that everyone needs to be accepted today is that the science of medicine has progressed dramatically over the last century. The progress in the field of medicine has brought a lot of positive consequences to our health, life and the standard of living. The invention of modern medicine has helped us to eradicate some of the deadly diseases from the world. Today, our infants are injected different doses of vaccines which help them to protect from serious diseases. This has led to overall health life of human beings. Now, there is no fear of a person getting paralyzed due to the diseases of early age. This is something the human beings should be proud of as they have achieved an unbelievable feat to secure the lives of human beings.

 However, I am not unaware of many diseases which are getting discovered everyday by the scientific community. The new incidence of unheard illness is certainly the matter of great concern for inhabitants of this planet. Such incident sometimes raises a genuine question if our generation is indeed safer from the previous one. In response to such doubts, I have my own strong belief that time and again the humans have been tested with different problems and calamities. In all such situations, the humans have emerged as a victorious and have sometimes, even managed to snatch lives from the jaws of death. For example, we have been able to discover different medicine for AIDS, Cancer, diabetes etc. It is to be noted here that we have failed so far to create pills and tablets which can fully cure some of the diseases from the list of examples above but it should not go unnoticed that the medicine that we have today against AIDS, Cancer etc. have reduced the sufferings of human beings and have certainly, helped to increase the life of the patients. So, such discoveries and inventions reinforce my belief that the world of medicine is going to grow by leaps and bounds thereby, assisting us to live a great life ahead.

Before I conclude, I wish to place on record that there are people who have raised concerns of side effects of fast food. Though such concerns are not trifle in nature, the increase of competitive sports culture for example, city marathons, city bicycling etc. will help the people to be in shape and provides stamina to fight against the possible problems of overweight.

Finally, I would like to conclude my essay with a word of caution. The planet is no doubt, going to be a better place to live and the scientists are working towards it. However, every individual must be responsible to maintain his good health by being conscious towards his foods, drinks and exercises.


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Тест разработан для кандидатов, планирующих получение вузовского или послевузовского образования, а также претендующих на признание профессиональной квалификации.

Обращаем Ваше внимание на то, что данный формат теста не предназначен для Великобритании.

Тест включает четыре модуля: аудирование (Listening), чтение (Reading), письмо (Writing) и навыки разговорной речи (Speaking).

Подготовка к IELTS и TOEFL

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) — международная система тестирования по английскому языку, которая позволяет определить уровень и навыки владения английским у людей, для которых английский язык не является родным.
Что есть IELTS?

    IELTS является наиболее востребованным тестом английского языка в мире для иммиграции и учебы за границей.
    Сертификат IELTS используется для поступления в школы, колледжи и ВУЗы Великобритании, Канады, Австралии, Ирландии, Новой Зеландии, ЮАР, США и других стран, в учебных заведениях которых преподавание ведется на английском языке. Также для иммиграции и получения рабочих виз в англоязычном обществе.
    Экзамен IELTS длится 2 часа 40 минут и включает в себя такие секции как Listening (навыки восприятия на слух), Reading (навыки чтения), Writing (навыки письма) и Speaking (навыки разговорного английского).

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